Utrecht Spring

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful spring that has sprung on us (he he) all of a sudden. From the bright green of the baby leaves, to the beautiful pink flowers and their sweet smell and to the clear blue skies, everything about this time of the year just fills you with happiness and energy.

And how better to spend that energy than a bit of travelling? That’s just what we did last Sunday, when we jumped on a train and headed to Utrecht. The result is for you to see below, as promised earlier this week:



How lovely are these cafe littered canals? They’re so different than the Amsterdam ones, and so special in their own right.


Even HEMA looks glamorous in one of these historical buildings.





People coming out for a walk, a delicious coffee and simply to enjoy the beautiful day.



And the impressive Dom Tower.


Until next time, have a lovely evening. TGIF tomorrow, right?



A Few of My Favourite Things

When the weather starts getting warmer around here, I can’t be kept indoors. I’d much rather do some of my favorite activities around town.


Walking around the city in bloom, admiring the pretty, gingerbread house-like shapes of typical Amsterdam houses.



And trying to spot as many unique, blink-and-you-miss-them details on said houses.

And of course window shopping with the best of them, for clothes, jewelry…


And treats…



And spotting a new tea place that might just become my new go-to.


Have a great week, everyone!

Dining at Mystique

Hi everyone, today I’ll be bringing you a short post on a really great dining place. Of course Amsterdam is nothing if not rich in fantastic restaurants, bistros and gastro-pubs, however this place is truly something special. From the exotic decor to the delicious food, Mystique gave us a couple of really amazing dining experiences. And spoiler alert: they have the best ribs I’ve ever tasted! Approved by the ribs specialist of the house as well 🙂


2016-02-07 10.28.09

And for the fish and seafood lovers, you will definitely be thrilled by the selection of scallops, mussels and cod, all lovely alternatives.


2016-02-10 17.59.51

To finish everything off on an excellent note, make sure to leave room for some dessert, they are to die for. We tried the Tropical fruits and the brownie, both great for satisfying that sweet tooth.

Don’t forget to accompany it all with one of their delicious cocktails, or if you fancy a more private atmosphere, visit their bar downstairs. I tried a lovely concoction with pineapple and smokey Mescal, spot on for the night.


That’s it for today my lovelies, keep an eye on the blog for more posts soon!

The Royal Treatment

Hello there everyone, lovely to have you on here again! As we’ve been having loads of visitors here the past weeks, we’ve been walking around exploring the city and acting the tourist with the best of them.

Surprisingly, one of the loveliest gems of Amsterdam is hidden in plain sight: the Dam Palace, so stern and sober on the outside, hides beautiful rooms and an elegant decor. Far from the pomp of the French palaces or the astonishing whimsy of the Spanish ones, the Dam palace captures royal beauty and grace without overwhelming the visitors.



Main Hall, with Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders.

Gorgeous rooms:


With unbelievable art and decorations:




Complete with fancy dinnerware:

And more beautiful sculptures:



The Nursery- I wouldn’t have minded such a room as a kid 🙂 Although horsing around in there is probably quite frowned upon…


Truly majestic and well worth a visit. Don’t be too cool for the touristy stuff 🙂

dsc00432 (1)



Until next time, have a lovely week!





From Brunch Til Dinner

Hello my dears! It’s been a looong time since I posted, and while I do feel guilty for it, I promise to come back in full force for my future posts. Let’s just say the long, dreary days here in Amsterdam were of no help in raising my energy levels and encouraging me to follow my passion projects.

So then I figured, what else is there to do when the skies are grey and the temperature drops? Why go bar/restaurant/cafe hopping, of course! So for this post I’ll take you through a couple of places that will keep you full, happy and semi-drunk all day 🙂

To start our day on the right foot, we went to G’s really nice place in the West. We absolutely loved the food and drinks there, not to mention the attentive service. It’s the perfect place to go when you’re hungover and you just want someone to be nice to you and feed you delicious things with a smile.

I think everything on the menu is the same level of deliciousness, but I wholeheartedly recommend the Eggs Benedict, as this establishment is one of the few that manages to nail the Hollandaise sauce to perfection. Top it off with a Passion in the Morning and you’ll we swooning by the time you’re done.


Goudsbloemstraat actually has goudsbloemen (marigolds) on it, how cute is that?


Lovely neighbourhood, the West. I’ll surely explore it more in the future. Meanwhile, don’t forget to pass by Westermarkt if you have time, it makes for a great lazy Saturday and you never know what cool stuff you can score there.

And if you’re tired afterwards, you can chill and have a snack or a proper dinner at the nearby La Oliva.

The concept here is fantastic: you can order off the menu or order from the very extensive pintxos list at the bar. In case you’ve never tried them before, pintxos are a Spanish type of snack, similar to tapas but much heartier I found. The ones at La Oliva are pure decadence, and you’ll want to go back again and again, since you simply can’t sample everything in one go (although I don’t blame you if you try).


Look at these beautiful little confections, marrying shrimp, lamb, courgette, delicious cheeses and sauces…Just remembering them makes me all hungry again!


And of course, you can always go with a beautiful rack of deer and roasted veggies, just what you need after a day in the cold.

I hope I’ve given you a few good reasons to brave the cold and dampness of Amsterdam and head out for a few hours. I’ll be back with more soon, and remember, spring is just around the corner and that’s when this city starts to reveal its magic!


It’s That Time of the Year

Hi everyone! The post today is mostly pictures, with all the things that make Christmas cozy for me, even when far away from home. I hope you had lovely holidays, now let’s go for a bangin’ New Year’s!

For me, Christmas is:


Decorating the Christmas tree together and adding those special touches that make it ours.



Putting together and devouring a batch of homemade chocolate with my mom in law.

Walking around the city and enjoying the beautiful decorations. We may not have snow, but all the pretty lights sure put you in the Christmas mood.


Taking in the pretty canal houses with their holiday touches.

Walking past the Bijenkorf with its wacky windows and dreaming of all the pretty things inside.

2015-12-25 15.10.42

2015-12-25 15.12.26

Going inside the Krijtberg for a moment of peace.

And having your parents and friends back in Romania sing carols for you over Skype 🙂 Thaaank you!!

Dinner and Tequila at Rose’s Cantina

Hi everybody! I know I have been absent from the blog for a really long while, let’s just say sometimes life gets in the way of even the best of intentions… However, I do appreciate that you’re still visiting my blog and seeing that I’ve started reaching many more new countries has given me an extra boost to dedicate more of my time to this little corner 🙂 So thank you for this!

Today I’d like to recommend a really great place to go out for dinner, Rose’s Cantina. It’s hailed as one of the best Mexican/ Latin American restaurants in Amsterdam, but what caught my attention while reading reviews of this place was that they apparently have amazing tequila. We couldn’t miss out on that, so on we went to have a fabulous experience!




As you can see, their lovely decor is reminiscent of typical Mexican restaurants, giving it a very festive feeling. They also have a wonderful little garden at the back, perfect for a summer dinner.

Going to the main event, the food was incredible! As you can see tfrom he courses below, I had the chicken with orange and saffron sauce, and my guy hadthe ribs, which he kept raving about for the following days. I have to say the chicken was delicious and really satisfying, without being too heavy.

After dinner we couldn’t resist getting desserts; I chose their chocolate ganache with chilli and tequila, and the Mr. got an avocado cheesecake paired with a refreshing ice cream.



Both incredibly delicious and the perfect complement to our dinner.

To finish things off, we tried the Don Julio Blanco tequila at the recommendation of our lovely, attentive server. While I can’t pride myself with being a tequila connaiseur, I have to say it didn’t taste like any other I had had before: it had warm and slightly sweet, vanilla like flavours, with a long lasting taste- an experience in itself. All in all, the perfect ending to our meal.

To wrap it up, this is definitely a place to go in Amsterdam, people! I’m already scheduling my next trip there and planning to try the tacos and maybe split some nachos. You only live once 🙂

Until next time, have a lovely week and feel free to comment on some of your favourite dinner places in A’dam!